Nix Preliminaries

There are a few things you should know about nix.

Firstly, the language. They don't speak C or any of the other imperative languages. The native tongue is more in the family of the romance(functional) languages like Spanish(Haskell) or Italian(OCAML), but distinct.

Actually, it's a bit like Romanian, some things are familiar, and then some inflections and constructions are not, and the overall impression is of something vaguely comprehensible but with a sense of erudition and lazy pragmatism.

You'll notice nix is a busy country. It is also a young country. with an active and perpetual discourse.

Things are quite exciting in nix. People can wander in and out of building sites as they please.

The country is dynamic and it is constantly evolving. There are always decisions to be made collectively; but at its core it is built on notions from functional programming; with an emphasis on purity and reproducibility. Take a look at Eelco Doelstra's thesis to learn more and this publication.

If you are interested in composing ideas with expressions built on the granite bedrock of functional programming and participating in what is really a transformation in the way software is built and deployed you might feel at home with nix.